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Sakura Moonlight Gala

Unlock an evening of pure enchantment at the Sakura Moonlight Gala, where legends walk and beauty whispers.

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Sakura Moonlight Gala
Sakura Moonlight Gala

Time & Location

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About the event

Under the ethereal glow of the sakura moonlight, an invitation beckons to the select few: "Sakura Moonlight Gala". Envision a night where tradition meets the pinnacle of elegance, an exclusive gathering that comes to life beneath the blossoming whispers of sakura. As the moon ascends, be mesmerized by the enchanting performances of Geishas, their stories woven through dance and melody, each move a brushstroke painting the night with grace.

The air, scented with the fresh bloom, guides you through an experience of culinary artistry—live cut sashimi, each piece a testament to the chef's craft, served under the watchful gaze of lanterns that flicker like stars come to rest. Kimonos of unparalleled design drape the evening in vibrant patterns, reflecting the rich tapestry of our heritage.

Wander beneath koinobori banners that dance in the night breeze, leading you through paths illuminated by the soft light of wagasa umbrellas. This is not just an event; it is a passage to a moment in time where beauty, art, and tradition converge under the sakura moonlight.

"Sakura Moonlight Gala" awaits those who seek the essence of beauty and the peak of cultural immersion. Will you answer the call?

Here’s what awaits you:

Geisha Performances: Be captivated by the grace and beauty of Geisha dancers as they perform under the radiant glow of the moonlight, their stories unfolding through dance and traditional music. This is a rare opportunity to witness the art of Japan's iconic cultural ambassadors.

Live Culinary Demonstrations: Marvel at the expertise of our sushi chefs as they perform live sashimi cuts, showcasing their precise skills with the freshest fish. Enjoy hand-rolled sushi and nigiri, prepared right before your eyes—a true testament to the art of Japanese cuisine.

Interactive Art Installations: Engage with the festival's creative side through interactive art installations. Participate in the creation of unique artworks, blending traditional and contemporary techniques, and leave your mark on the festival.

Traditional Sweets and Teas: Delight in an array of traditional Japanese sweets accompanied by a curated selection of teas. Each pairing is crafted to enhance the flavors and create a harmonious taste experience, reflecting Japan's rich tea culture.

Professional Photography: Capture the beauty of your evening with professional photography sessions. Set against a backdrop of stunning festival decorations like wagasa (traditional umbrellas), sakura (cherry blossoms), and koinobori (carp streamers), these photographs will be a cherished keepsake of a magical night.

Festival Decorations: Immerse yourself in the festival's atmosphere, adorned with elegant wagasa, blooming sakura, vibrant koinobori, and ambient lanterns. Each element is carefully chosen to enhance the aesthetic and cultural depth of the event.

Your ticket to the Sakura Moonlight Gala is not merely an entry pass, but a gateway to an evening of unforgettable memories and sensory delights. Join us for a celebration of Japanese culture, beauty, and artistry, all under the mesmerizing sakura moonlight. 

Tickets are limited to preserve the intimacy and exclusivity of the experience. Secure your place at this iconic event and be part of a night where magic comes to life.

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Hear what our guests had to say about the last event...

Nick Brown


“It was awesome, really intimate. First event - I mean, it seems like they've been doing it for ages!"

Wenling Qiao


“I'm so glad my friend invited me. It was amazing!”

Titus Maclaren


"Well worth the money. The performers, the food, the ambience, the view, the company - everything was exceptional. Unlike any other event I've been to. Cannot wait for the next one!"

Joel Ozborn


“It was great! The crowd were lovely, the setup was great. Lovely group, chatting with them afterwards and we all had a great time! I think everyone fulfilled their end of the bargain.”
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